Nonsuch park

Nonsuch Park  - a green pocket of the Borough of Sutton bordering with Epsom & Ewell - has and is everything that a community park should have and should be. Expanse of fields and woods where you can enjoy a quiet walk and spot a variety of plants, trees, flowers and wildlife.   There is a... Continue Reading →


I am not referring to the EU, the referendum or freedom of movement in Europe.  This is about DANCING! Yes, Dancing.  As kids we learn through movement to express our intentions and expressions. As we grow older, dancing remains a great way to keep fit, to be creative and to find freedom in movement. We... Continue Reading →

You never stop learning…

This week a new magazine caught my attention - 'The Week Junior', the fastest growing children's magazine (highlighted is the claim on the mag).  So I decided to see for myself what the fuss was about and I bought it.  I read through it; it is packed with information, articles and little inserts about science,... Continue Reading →

A poem a day…til Mother’s Day

Mind and heart, logic and intuition.  Forever a conundrum. Do you follow your intuition most of the times?  or do you find that logic is your predominant criteria for making decisions? My mother taught me LOGIC: 'Because I said so, that's why!'  

A poem a day…til Mother’s Day

And here is one that will resonates with a number of people - there is no escape... My mother taught me Justice...and also karma 'One day you will have kids, and I hope they turn out just like YOU..then you’ll see what it’s like.' Bless....

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