Maisy’s Christmas

20 December Last day of school! It was always a very exciting time for the kids at Lovelace School; today they were breaking up for Christmas and about time too! During the day, Maisy watched all sorts of people hurriedly walking by with their several shopping bags, or bumping into each other, some waived to... Continue Reading →

Maisy’s Christmas (Part 1)

5 December Harold’s shop was along Lovelace Gardens.  “What a pretty name – Lovelace! “ Maisy thought as she looked to the sign across the road.  Earlier in the afternoon, an old yellow van had stopped a few yards from the shop to deliver a tall Christmas tree.  Later, Maisy noticed how a crowd of... Continue Reading →

Maisy’s Christmas

1 December “Christmas time again!” Harold thought.  Walking to the shop, he noticed how mornings were darker, colder and greyer.  “Winter” he sighed “always dark!”  But then, he was not normally out of the house at this time of the morning.  Today though was no ordinary day – it was 1 December! “First things first,”... Continue Reading →

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