Bliss or Boring?

Lagom and Hygge – Strange names, aren’t they? Have you heard of them?  Have you read about them in a newspaper and lifestyle magazine? What do they mean and what is the difference, you may ask. Lagom Literal translation of Lagom is ‘just the right amount’ Lagom is more about behavior generally, the culture and... Continue Reading →

Something unconventional

I stumbled over an interesting article in The Times last week-end. A school in Somerset has decided to offer an alternative type of physical education to its pupils.  Zumba, yoga and pilates classes are replacing the more traditional rugby, cricket or football.  Personally I am delighted to see yoga on a school’s agenda! But that’s... Continue Reading →

Blank canvas?

I have been thinking a lot about creativity and art recently. Have you ever found yourself in front of a large (and I mean, large!) blank canvas, have been asked to draw, paint or do something with it, create something?  I have. First thought: where do I start from? Second thought: what am I going... Continue Reading →

Content is…

I have been reading a number of marketing articles lately when I came across the statement that Content is king.  Then I asked myself:- Hold on a minute - why king and not queen? Is this gender stereotyping? But, I read on and found more recent articles stating that Content is king but Distribution is queen and she wears the pants.  Oh... Continue Reading →

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