My photography

Visual imaging plays an important part in our lives.  Through images and expressions, we connect, live, learn and remember.  In every photograph a connection is made.   On either side of the camera, there is a past and a future as well as a truth and a story to tell.
 A photographer once said that a photograph is the story he failed to write; for me, a photograph is also the music I could never play and the painting that I always wished to paint.

About the photographer

I have always been an artistic person and wanted to be an artist.   Since I took up photography I have not stopped learning. I have found a very modern and immediate medium to express my passion and vision.     Taking images of people is a challenge; my aim is to capture their expression, their personality.
In addition to photography courses, workshops, training, and on the job learning, I trained with Barrett & Coe, a UK leading brand in Portrait and Wedding Photography, passed their Portrait course with a Grade 2 and their Wedding Course with a Grade 1.    To my amazement, photographing people was not just fun – it was rewarding. People liked being photographed by me and their appreciation kept feeding my enthusiasm.

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