Maisy’s Christmas – 11 December (Part 1)

©2016 Klicksmart Photography, all rights reserved11 December

Lovelace Gardens was a quiet road.  People used it as a shortcut to the school or the train station.  At night the road was even quieter, with only a few cars passing through.  The Christmas tree lights stayed through the night, blinking at Maisy, as she watched the world go by, the night descend and the stillness.

Tonight Harold was whistling Christmas songs as he closed the shop.   Maisy wondered. “Would that be Liz with the white bikini effect?” Maisy looked pensive.

Later on that evening, Maisy noticed two silhouettes at the far end of the road.  They were shouting at each other but Maisy could not hear what they were saying.  One of the silhouettes pulled away and Maisy saw a woman crossing the road.   Silence returned; the other silhouette disappeared in the darkness of the far end of the road.

As the woman briskly walked past the shop window, Maisy caught a glimpse of her face. She had lovely curly hair, but her face was gaunt, with a scar on the right cheek, her lipstick smudged at the side of her mouth.  Her eyes were fiery and the tears of her fury rolling down her cheeks were blinding her.  As she paused in front of the window to wipe out her tears,  tossing her hair in the air, she drew her bag close to her face.   Rummaging through frantically, she pulled out her mobile and made a call.

[to be continued tomorrow]

What do you think will happen next?


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