Maisy’s Christmas – 5 December (Part 2)

[continued from yesterday]

©2016 Klicksmart Photography, all rights reserved

A lot of people were now gathering in front of the shop and it was difficult for Maisy to see anything.

A couple of ladies, arm in arm, walked by, slowing down in front of the shop.

“Well, I did not say this before but we have never been sure about Liz” one lady said lowering her voice, giving the other a knowing look.

“Which Liz?” asked the other, leaning closer, eyebrows raised. “Liz with the white bikini?”

“Yes! That’s the one!” said the first lady, nodding with her head.

Maisy blinked, stretched her wooden body to hear more.  But the conversation faded in the air as the two ladies swanned by and away from the shop window.

“This is very frustrating”.  Maisy sighed.  “It is pointless to be at the window if I cannot hear the end of a conversation.”

Begrudgingly, she resigned herself when she noticed that the music had stopped and the crowd was counting down.  Three! Two! One! Suddenly, a big cheer boomed in the air and the lampposts beamed with yellow, red, white and blue Christmas lights that shaped spirals, stars and baubles into the darkness of the evening.

Maisy was in awe.  She was still admiring the lights when Harold came back.  He had company.

A cold wind blew in as Harold held the door for his companion.

“Now, Liz, what would you like to drink?” Harold asked helping Liz taking her coat off.   “Mmmhh, a hot cup of cocoa would be lovely…” Liz replied, with a smooth, long and gentle tone.   Maisy noticed how much smaller than Harold Liz was.  She had jet black hair, large round sky blue eyes and a heart shaped face.  Maisy watched Liz tapping gently her fingers at the back of Harold’s armchair, as if she was doodling, before she sank in his chair.

Maisy blinked. “Is that Liz with the white bikini?” Maisy asked herself.


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