Maisy’s Christmas (Part 1)

5 December

Harold’s shop was along Lovelace Gardens.  “What a pretty name – Lovelace! “ Maisy thought as she looked to the sign across the road.  Earlier in the afternoon, an old yellow van had stopped a few yards from the shop to deliver a tall Christmas tree.  Later, Maisy noticed how a crowd of people had gathered around the wider side of the Lovelace Gardens, brought the tree to life with red and golden Christmas decorations, multi-coloured lights, that looked brighter and more cheerful as the sun eclipsed behind the houses.  More and more people appeared.  “What is happening?”.  Maisy glanced around as much as she could.  “Where are all these people from?”

It did not take too long before Maisy could see a lot of bustling around the Christmas tree.  A stall with Christmas selling Christmas mince pies and mulled wine.  Musicians gathered in rows of three, started playing pieces of music.  The vivid sparkle of some of their brass trumpets and saxophones shone on and off, as they caught and reflected the street light.  Singers in their red jackets and Christmas hats, standing in diligent rows, practicing their vocal cords, holding their music sheets.

“Well, it is starting to look like Christmas,” thought Maisy as she looked onto the scene.  Harold came to the front of the shop, standing, holding his hands on his waist and tapping his foot to the beat of the music, looking very pleased with himself.

“Well, Maisy” said Harold “isn’t it starting to look like Christmas?”

“Not very original, Harold, I said that first” thought Maisy, as Harold walked away, grabbed his coat and locking the door behind him, headed for the music!


[to be continued tomorrow]

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