Maisy’s Christmas – 3 December (Part 2)

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[continued from yesterday…]  ...Gavin reluctantly agreed.  Hunching  his shoulders to keep warm, he started walking towards the coffee shop.  He had waited for so long to get this interview and now a credit card seemed to derailing his efforts! Unbelievable, he thought.

Maisy watched Mick, leaning against the shop window – he crossed his legs and folded his arms.  He looked bemused.

After 10 minutes, Maisy noticed a young girl, frantically scanning the pavement, approaching the shop.  Mick was watching her.  Maisy’s eyes followed her movements.  Mick, pulling away from the window started walking towards her.

“Looking for something, Miss?” he asked with a bright endearing smile on his face.

“Yes,” said Miss with a decidedly panicky tone in her voice “I have lost my credit card and I am retracing my steps in the hope that I can find it.”

“I might be of help, Miss…?” said Mick with inquisitive tone.

“Miss Riddle”.

Mick glanced to the name on the card.  Yes, he could help.

He handed her the card – she looked at the credit card first and then at Mick, bringing both hands to cover her mouth, incredulous.

“Oh, you have saved me a lot of trouble! Thank you so, so very much.  Where did you find it?” she asked, her eyes were now beaming with gratitude.

“There on the pavement, Miss Riddle. Ah Gavin!” he called out as Gavin approached them with two coffees. “Just in time.   Miss, would you like a coffee?” Mick asked as he whisked both coffees out of Gavin’s hands, and handed one over to Miss Riddle.

Maisy watched them.  Gavin was left with no coffee.  He looked cold, thought Maisy.  Well, wait, no perhaps incredulous or even, oh, a bit crossed, even when both Mick and Miss very politely thanked him for the coffee that they were now drinking.

Maisy smiled to herself.  Honesty and gratitude.



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