Maisy’s Christmas – 3 December (Part 1)

3 December

This December morning the sun was shining, low and dim just over the horizon.  Maisy was liking the weak warmth of the sun rays that she could feel from behind the glass.

A couple of gentlemen were walking towards the shop.  They did not seem in a hurry as they stopped, chatted more and walked a bit more.  They were both of medium height.  But Maisy noticed how different they were.  One was wearing a pin-striped suit under a tailored coat, tie, jet black hair combed back neatly, holding a Fedora hat in his hand.  The other was wearing a thick jumper over some baggy low-waist jeans; he had an ear-ring in his left ear.  Maisy saw he had stuffed his woolly hat in his side pocket – Was he hiding it?  The men were talking jovially and they both seemed to be in a good mood.

“Let’s grab a coffee”, said the first man.

“Yeah, I think I like that, Gavin” said the other, as they both walked by the shop.

Maisy watched them.  Suddenly, the man called Gavin stopped just a yard after the shop door, bent down to pick up something from the pavement.

“Look, Mick, a credit card.  Someone must have dropped it.  They must be going crazy looking for it.  Is there a police station around here?”

“I am not sure.  We can always ask the shopkeeper I guess.” Mick said, turning towards the shop.  “But,” he continued, “let’s wait for a bit, see if he or she comes back looking for it.”

“Where? Here?” said Gavin.

“Yeah, why not?” said Mick.

“Because I need a cup of coffee” said Gavin, folding his arms, shivering. “It is too cold to be waiting outside.”

“Tell you what” said Mick “why don’t you go to get us both a coffee and I will wait for you here? He or she may re-trace his or her steps.”


to be continued tomorrow…

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