Maisy’s Christmas – 2 December

_60A1320.jpgWith the Christmas display now complete, Harold had gone back to his chores around the shop.  Maisy was surrounded by her usual friends of Christmas time. Christmas Bear was there, looking a bit older, more tatty than last year, squashed.  The garland had seen better days – new and old baubles were placed randomly along the shelf.  It was all very comforting, she thought, and almost looked like she was smiling.

Maisy watched curiously the world going by – people coming and going in front of the shop.  She watched how the fashion had changed since last year.   She found it amusing to watch people wearing hats.  And she noticed that perms for ladies were no longer fashionable as all girls were now going around with very straight hair indeed!

A boy, in blue school uniform and yellow woolly hat on, walked by, holding his mother’s hand on one side and his school bag on the other, slowing down as he went past the shop, looking in.  His mother pulled him – he pulled back.  She yelled at him.  “Marti, if you don’t hurry, we will be late for school.”

“But I want to see what is in that shop”, he said.  “There is something new today.  I have not seen that shop before.”

“This shop has been here all the time! Honestly, Marti, you are just trying to waste time.  We are late already.” His mother snapped. “If you had not spent so much time on your computer, we could have been there already.  How come you are such a wizard on the computer but when it comes to doing up your laces, you are not able to?” she reproached, continuing walking towards the school.

Maisy watched them.  Marti was not going to give in.

“You never properly showed me how to do my laces up” he yelled, quickly freeing himself from his mother’s hand, running back towards the shop.  Maisy saw Marti was now standing, with his nose squashed against the window.  Covering either side of his face he scanned and searched, forming a halo on the glass with his breadth.  With his eyes quickly glancing from left to right, he took a good look inside the shop.  Marti knew that he had little time; he could hear his mother’s quickening steps towards him.  And then he felt his mother’s hand on his shoulder; she grabbed his hand once more and marched him to school.

I knew it – Maisy thought – Patience.

Share some thoughts for Marti?


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