No ordinary Christmas display

I have to be honest.  My head has been aching lately because my brain has been in override mode.    Amongst all things, I have been nurturing a story.  It is not a visual story telling, so, no it is not about photography (although there is some photography).  It is about simple things that we often forget and we get Maisy – a female reindeer with red spotty antlers – to help us.

©2016 Klicksmart Photography, all rights reserved
A special window display!

The story is coming soon…watch out 1 December!

A sneak peek?

The Christmas window

 1 December

“Christmas time again!” Harold thought.  Walking to the shop, he noticed how mornings were darker, colder and greyer.  “Winter” he sighed “always dark!”  But then, he was not normally out of the house at this time of the morning.  Today though was no ordinary day – it was 1 December!

“First things first,” he said to himself as he opened the shop.  With the …” to be continued…coming soon on 1 December…



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